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Some Facts about the PENN REEL HISTORY
« on: November 23, 2020, 07:23:36 AM »
Some History of the Origins and Facts about PENN REELS
accumulated from many internet resources and commonly known information articles like magazines,Newspaper articles,U.S.Patent information,encyclopedias,fishermen,fisherpersons and more.

Otto Henze, immigrated to the United States from Germany in 1922. At 25, and  worked as a machinist for  Ocean City Manufacturing Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
In 1932, Henze rented a 3rd floor loft on 492 North Third Street in Philadelphia from a general machinist firm named William Schmitz & Company. There he completed his first two reel designs the Models F and K.

In February 1933, the first Penn Reels were sold to the Miller Auto Supply Company in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
 Henze developed two more designs.  In 1942 the factory moved to West Hunting Park Avenue.

Early reels

The Penn Model F was a surf reel designed for distance casting. It had bakelite side plates and weighed twelve ounces. This model was a surf reel used mainly for surf fishing. The similar Model K added a lever actuated free spool and durable metal reinforced plates. It was offered with and without a star drag. An adjustable bearing allowed the spool be tightened to prevent backlash.

In 1933 the Model F was renamed the Sea Hawk, the basic Model K the Bayside, and the Model K with star drag the Long Beach.

This  idea of naming  Reels after  popular fishing  cities made thier Reels even more popular
It should be noted in my opinion that OCEAN CITY ALSO NAMED REELS in this fashion
but that's another story (The Chicken and The EGG SYNDROME applies here

In 1936 the (Senator) was introduced. Immediately successful and  led to numerous fishing records being set and remains popular, known for its high quality and dependability. It featured high speed stainless pinion gears for taking in line faster and was well adapted to the extra demands of professionally guided charter fishing.

In 1938 the (Squidder), was introduced.
It also became highly popular with fisherman. Which many remain in use to this day!.

Otto  died in 1948 at only 48 or 49  and his wife (Martha) assumed the company's Presidency. Penn Reels grew from a regional presence to a world leader in the years that followed.
                             !!!!MORE LATER on THIS AMAZING WOMAN !!!!

Penn Reels hold a unique place in saltwater fishing reels, with over 1,400 International Game Fish Association [IGFA]  world records being set using them. Over 220 different models are manufactured today.
 Their signature reel remains the Penn Senator, the Jig Master also being popular, signature rods the Penn Power Stick and Tuna Stick

In 2006, Penn’s Torque reel was named the America Sport fishing Association’s Saltwater Reel of the year.

In 2003, the Penn Fishing Reels Company was acquired by rival tackle companies Sea Striker Inc. and Master Fishing Tackle.
 It was acquired in 2007 by K2 Sports. Jarden acquired K2 Sports and added Penn Reels to its Pure Fishing portfolio of fishing tackle manufacturers and marketing companies. Newell Brands took control of Pure Fishing when it acquired the Jarden Corporation in April 2016. In January 2019, Penn Reels, together with associated companies forming Pure Fishing, was sold by Newell Brands to Sycamore Partners for $1.3 billion.