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Downtown Mertens Texas Lure Swap Board From 1960


 Downtown Mertens Texas Lure Swap Board from 1960
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Yepper Blast From The Past!!!!

This Board of Old Lures was in an Old General Store (The ONLY STORE ) in Downtown Mertens Texas until 1960 when the owner closed it down and this sat in a relatives Barn nearby until I acquired it for FREE!!!!!( well a Rack of Baby Backs)  from them  in 2019.
I cleaned it up with care and it has lures From 1930's to of course 1950's
The Board was to let fisherman trade in their old non performing lures for hopefully a SURE FIRE new Fish Getter
at least twas the concept.
See IF you can identify any of these????

click on the pic to enlarge it

Wompus Cat:
City Hall Mertens Texas 2013


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