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WTB: Penn Senator 16/0


Crab Pot:

I need a Penn 16/0 to complete my Senator collection.

In no rush, I know it's the "Jaws Movie Reel" but that doesn't add value in my opinion, should have both clamps, and it must be clean cosmetically (but not perfect).

Looking for a fair deal for a decent reel.

If anyone has one hit me up.




Wompus Cat:
The Elusive,Extravagant, EXPENSIVE  .PENN 16/0 is about all I need for my modest Collection as well but I just can't see paying 7 hundred to 1200 or more for one  .There are a few on the Bay but  not so good shape and a whoppin Thousand Bux .
 This one says it has a Good Engine

One or more are from Japan and the Seller has some Bad FEEDBACK as to shipping when they say Free but you get exorbitant import duties stuck on it .
I buy stuff from Japan all the time without any duties or import fees  so WHADDUP wid Dat ?
Maybe it has to do with over a certain amount ?
Thought about buying the Right sideplate ,Foot,  a spool and some crossbars and building one from one of my 114/0's as pieces come up now and then  and that's the only difference (the Width) I understand some of the Early versions had smaller guts tho.

Crab Pot:
Yep, I have been watching the same reels on Ebay for over a year plus that aren't selling in the $500-$1300 range.

There is a guy from France that has one as well.

The Japanese reels on Ebay, in mine and others experience, are worn out internally.

Don't even think of buying a used electric reel from Japan. I've had a couple friends get ripped off on reels that they spent north of $500 on.

The folks in Japan use their gear!

I'll find one eventually but not taking a loan out to do it.


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