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Tiburon CUSTOM Penn 114 6/0 NEW


Wompus Cat:
This CUSTOM  BUILT PENN  REEL  was built using a NEW OLD STOCK PENN 114 H REEL I bought quite a while back .
Has all Hand Polished  Internals from Donor Reel  plus NEW  CARBON TEX Drag Kit from SMOOTH  DRAG ,Stock Side Plates ,New TIBURON  also old Stock ONE  Piece Aluminum Frame with the HEAVY REEL SEAT, TOP HARNESS LUGS , HEAVY ROD CLAMP,   Aluminum Spool ,Pro Challenger Power Handle ,and is Spooled with NEW SILVER THREAD BRAND Co-Polymer 60 lb. Line .       
                    ( NEVER FISHED )

 All Buyers will get a 2 Year FREE SERVICE Consisting of a Complete Disassembly ,Clean and Lube,and any Drags /Bearing Replacement needed will be included but buyer will pay for any additional parts or upgrades .  Buyer pays shipping to me and I pay return Shipping to you .
 Is 400 dollars shipped to  U.S. with Free Shipping !!!

Pay 450  Dollars and Shipping Costs

Which Should be an Incentive to Join Up Here .
It is FREE and Easy to do Plus you get to see a BUNCH MORE BOARDS


MEMBERS can contact me via Personal Messaging or  in this Thread Post 

NON MEMBERS can contact for purchase

Donor Reel Start of Build


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