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Wompus Cat:
Here are some Tidbits gathered form various sources on the ol Interweb about the Versatile and Quite Reliable all round  Jigmaster Fishing Reels .
Will add more info and some Pictures as time goes on .

The Jigmaster was introduced around 1959.
 It had red side plates until about 1990 when they were changed to black. The Jigmaster Junior  model 501 which is a narrow version of the regular Jigmaster was introduced around 1965. 
  A Short Run of the 500S was introduced around  1975 and lasted until 1984.
  The 500S was a completely different design in which the left side plate was the side that had the take-apart feature.                     

 The 500S accepted standard Jigmaster spools. In 1986 Penn introduced the 505 Full Size  and the  506 Junior.
 These featured high speed gears (5:1) and ball bearings.
  These reels required Different  Spools to accommodate the NEW  BALL BEARINGS added in the end plates. The original Jigmaster was available with plastic and metal (chrome plated brass) spools. In 1974 Penn introduced aluminum spools for these reels and soon after discontinued both the plastic and brass spools. Jigmaster's are still available today, however in 2006 Penn moved production of all plastic sided reels, including the Jigmaster, to China. Reels made in China, have black side plates and do not say "Made in USA" anywhere on them. The black sided Jigmaster's that were made in USA, say "Made in USA" on either left or right side plates and sometimes on Both Sides .


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