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Bronson 63 (red/white) and 66 (green) LH


 Bronson 63 (red/white) and 66 (green) LH
« on: August 11, 2020, 03:16:33 pm »


Hallo people,

I am looking for the Bronson 63 in red/white version. It needs to be of good quality because i allready have two battered ones.

* 33572708-BEAD-4867-8CE2-264ED114C3F8.jpeg

A short time ago i didn’t know of the existence of the 63 (black/red) and the 66 (green) of the black/red versions i found 2 decent ones at ebay. If there is 1 of good quality available i am interested aswell.

And ofcours the 66 (green) in good condition.

So if you got one of those or know one for sale, please let me know. All with rods in good condition aswell. And notice i look for Left Handed (LH) versions only.

I live in The Netherlands so perhaps i can easily get materials that is less available in the USA. Let me know and perhaps we can trade to both sides?

Thanks for helping me look out for those reels.

Kind regards,


Leo ,I took the liberty of putting a onsite pic of your reel so people just left click on image once to enlarge.


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