Author Topic: Shakespere 2210 OCEAN PRIDE Conventional Reel NOT SPINCAST  (Read 959 times)

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Shakespere 2210 OCEAN PRIDE Conventional Reel NOT SPINCAST
« on: June 24, 2023, 11:51:37 AM »
Shakespeare made a lot of 2200 series Reels but most were Spincast Models .
They ALSO made a series of Conventional Reels and Damn Good uns from what I see.
First I have is a 2210 OCEAN PRIDE
About the Size of an Ocean City  112 or Penn 112 .
This is a Well Built 3/0 size Reel with a Free Spool but NO DRAG nor anti Reverse .
They also made a 2220 OCEAN PRIDE  with A/R and Star Drag as well as Quick  a Take-Apart Feature  akin to Ocean City,Penn, Pflueger Reels of the Day But on the opposite side !!
 and a 2230 SURF WONDER REEL also with attributes of the 2220. Will post Pictures and Teardowns  of each in the Near   future .
The 2200 has no code on it however the others are GK making them in the 1941 Range  .
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