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PENN 349's MASTER MARINER Differences Explained A Bit


Wompus Cat:
 349 ,349C,349H, 349HC . Known as MASTER MARINERS
Two Levers Single Lever ,Free Spool ,NO FREE SPOOL . 2.33:1....    3.25:1  and maybe another  or two ranges SHEEEEEESH !!!
and you can't really tell WTF you have till you open one up and see what gears are in it .
Then I find you have different end Bearings on some . Different sized Metal Washers yet only one size of fiber Drags ?????
Anyway I will try and enlighten some of the differences ,interchanges mods and etc. as time goes by on these since I seem to have wayyyyyyyy too many of these I have gotten over the years and NEED to sort these differences out in the way of interchanges of spools,plates,gears,end bearings and so on .

One thing about the 349 Series different from the 49,149,and 249 series is the double set of Chrome Rings and 9 Holes in them as compared to the others which only have 8.

 and one series has only an inner Chrome Ring while the 249 is a Knuckle Buster (Direct Drive ) Dragless and No Chrome Rings.
UPDATE  April 7th 2023
 Here is what I have found on the Different  Nomenclatures used on the MASTER MARINER

 1. The plain Jane 349 Master Mariner Has 1 Lever for Free Spool 2 1/3 to 1  Ratio
2. 349 C Has 2 Levers   with 2 1/3 Gear Ratio same as 349 plain Jane and the 2nd lever is described as a Reversible Star Drag which was throwing me for a LOOP cuz it dint make no sense . It actually takes the Anti Reverse function off .The Star Drag is not Reversed just not working unless you hold your Thumb on  the Spool.

3. 349H  has a 3/1/4 Gear Ratio( thus the H indicator ) and  a  Single Lever for Free Spool .

4. 349 HC is same Ratio as the H but with the 2 Levers ........

Another thing that was confusing me is that I was told  there were no Boxes with the various numbers on them to tell what Reel it actually was.  Plain Jane, C, H, or HC  ????
Really without knowing some of this you don't KNOW what Reel you have even with info on Box cuz someone may have it in the Wrong Box . There are NO Markings on the Reels indicating C,H, or HC.
With knowing about the Levers you can estimate the Type by counting the Spool Ratio when turning the handle and counting the Revolutions
 However there does exist some Boxes with the Model Type this one  off e-Bay


THEN YOU HAVE the 49's,149's  and a 249 >>>>> to mess with


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