Author Topic: QUALITY ? COPY CAT ? You Ask?  (Read 1730 times)

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« on: November 23, 2020, 07:37:28 AM »
There is much  criticism regarding Japanese Made Fishing Gear through the years and a huge portion of it is really unfounded in that there exists MANY fine examples of Japanese made Reels that are still among us today and  have fallen by the wayside either by neglect , or just plain ignorance of their Qualities .
Also there is the Mindset  that just because it might say on the Reel foot (Made In Japan) one thinks it is of poor Quality or a Copy of some other Reel Manufacture in the U.S. or France and Italy .
I am here to tell  ya otherwise .
                                      THIS IS NOT SO GRASSHOPPA!!!
Some Japanese Reels were actually COPIED by other American,French,Italian,Chinese,Taiwan and other companies .
  The reel pictured in the Icon for this Board is a Good Example of Japanese Quality Workmanship as well as  Quality Materials used in the Day.

  In future more in-depth info will be here backing my assertion up .