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New in the box "Bronson J.A. Code 420L surf casting reel


Interested in comments on the quality mtg period and rarity of this reel.

Wompus Cat:
Welcome to the Forum BOBHARD2001.
I think your Reel is a Bronson (J.A. COXE) rather than a Code .
The COXE in the Cursive imprint he put out on those is miscombumulated in MANY MANY MANY forms
as shown here in a FEW EXAMPLES,352.0.html

It is a Well Built Reel and prob made around late fifties or early 60's and Probably has a Plastic Spool.
Unfortunately at this time they are not bringing much money as evident in recent E-Bay sales of 15 to 35 dollars . I don't understand WHY they Fetch such low prices but it is what it is .
  Keep in mind that the actual  Condition of  YOUR Reel ,Paper Work,Tools, Rod Clamp ? Receipts?  and most important the Condition of the Box will make a HUGE difference in Value.

Post some pictures of your Reel  so we can better evaluate it  .
Feel FREE to ask more questions about Reels here if you need to .
Answers when available are FREE as well as opinions (not Necessarily  Correct ones but still)


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