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Penn Master Mariner 49 Kinda Customized
« on: May 19, 2022, 06:10:05 PM »
Here is a Flea Bay  find needing a Thorough Cleaning and De Grunging.
It looked like it was beyond saving but a bit of work She cleaned right up and all the stuff shines again ! ;D

While I was messing with it I noticed it only had 2  Pissy little Rubbery Drag Washers along with a Fiber Board  and looked all original like Star Trek (no one had gone in there before )

Any way here is some pix of its redo along with some Modifying the Sideplate so you can use 3 Carbon Tex Drags in it .

Here it is right out of the package

 Spool no look so  good

Suprisingly after some penetrate and good old soap and water and some polishing it came out NICE

  as did the guts

And der sideplates

Now cleaning up the guts and putting in Three Carbon Tex Washers

The side plate has to be ground out a little so the top washer won't lock everything up when assembled
Ended up with about 10 to 15  thousandths removed .

and she looks like this when done

You can see here in the next pic where the top thrust Washer was rubbing on the inside of the plate

                                                ALL BETTER

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