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1905 Deuce FK (1951)


Just a couple of quick pics of the 3rd reel in my 3 reel purchase.  Another simple knucklebuster design but this one has the level wind.  The reel actually had very pliable grease inside so it may have already been cleaned and lubed previously.  I found it interesting that the spool core was covered in cork.  Very cool to me.  This one is cleaned and reassembled and the 3 reel group is up for sale!  Now for more projects!  Thanks folks for all your input while i was cleaning and reassembling.

Wompus Cat:
Those are neat old Reels and the Cork is Removable .It is split in the middle . That saves line .
You don't sell those until you get 4 or 5 then you can cull a few . It is the LAW of OldReelCollectors. :)


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