Author Topic: After Years of Misinformation this is the Third one ????  (Read 599 times)

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After Years of Misinformation this is the Third one ????
« on: November 23, 2020, 07:30:16 AM »
This info has been around a few years now but still ?
Well after many years of hearing the Tan Spinner was the First of the Standards the same folks claiming this now say it ain't so but rather the Back Spinner was the first  which kinda sounds right because the Black Spinners are not as abundant .
They say they were wrong.
What if they be wrong again and the Red one is the First ????
One thing almost positive is there are three diff colored spinners I know about on these first production ZERO HOUR BOMB Company Stamped on the Reel seat Reels.

Copy from a site 9 years a go about Carl Whites Book where he authored that the tan was first

Dick Braun, 9 years ago
One additional note: Karl White had the order of color in his book in error as he listed tan, red, black. In faulty research for a couple of years I thought it was red, black, tan. I'm the one who got Zebco to change it to what it show on their site now. I have sent Zebco the facts that I was wrong and also sent the proof that the correct order of color is Black, then Red and lastly Tan. I'm still waiting for them to correct it on their site to settle and stop the confusion about which color was 1st. I'm sorry for any confusion that I have caused fellow collector's, and I hope this helps.
Dick Braun