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« on: January 12, 2022, 01:09:03 PM »
Got a Few New old Reels in a Bundle the other day and found this Reel Amongst them and was Intrigued by it's Design and apparent Quality compared to the Dolphins I have .
Don't have a CLUE when it was made but it will give Penn and others a Run for their money for sure .

The size is between a Penn 113H and114H so it's a 113.5 I guess.
Anywho I HAD to Tear into it to see WHAADUP and below is some of my findings and comparisons to the aforementioned PENN REELS with some measurements.
Below is a Picture of the Olympic Side plate on the upper Right  on the  Upper Left is a side plate from a Penn 113H and Bottom is a 114H .
The Olympic is 96 mm across ,113 = 92mm and the 114 is 106mm.

The Olympic Main Gear is  36mm,   113 114 =38mm

Bridge on Olympic is 11mm 113 is 12mm and the 114 is 14mm
Most everything on this is STAINLESS and the Spool is Aluminum.

The AR is substantially thicker than any of the Penn's and boasts some NICE Ball Bearings in the Side Plates

The Drags are impressive at 27mm and removable from the outside !

These drags had seen some use as the Carbon disks were damn ear welded to the metal washers but I was able to separate ,clean and re-use them as well as the metal ones .

 A Quarter easily fits in the Main Gear

Here are the Drags Cleaned and Sanded and will work Just Fine
These were in Bad Shape because I think someone used too much or the Wrong type of Grease/Oil on them
I soak them in Brake Cleaner as it REMOVES all oil Residue then you can just sand them down and use them again .
On these type of Drag Discs I don't use any Grease or Oil .

Stainless Main Gear and Pinion

When Reassembling the Bottom set of four side plate screws  (which hold the Foot On)are just SLIGHTLY different in length so the shorter ones  go in the Clicker side and the others go in the Handle side .
The  Group of Four longer screws that are only  partially threaded are for the Bridge Plate .
Penn and others use  2 all threaded and 2 Partial threaded for the Springs on  their guts on this . Olympic just used the same type on both which if you think about saves machining costs and extra labor on assembly .
The Top Lugs are positioned on the Outside of the Plates and the outer holes are Counter sunk so even me could get it right


Here is the Main Gear and Pinion (both are Stainless Steel )

Neat lil Spring on the Heavy AR Dog and it's placement was an Elusive process for me since it Flew out in protest when I Carefully opened this up . It actually lodges in the area where the Spool fits where one would not think it would BUT the spool never gets close to it when together I Finally figured out .


All in all this Proves that Olympic could actually Build a VERY GOOD QUALITY REEL that will stand the test of time .
 This thing is a Smooth as anything I seen too !
No clue when they made these nor have I seen any more of em but they have to be out there somewhere  huh ?

More later ................................
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« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2022, 12:15:32 PM »
Something I Noticed on this Reel is that the Spool seems awfully susceptible to corrosion . There are a couple on e-bay in much worse condition right now . Mine is not Bad but can see it could easily get there .
They should have anodized these me thinks and I am prob going to put something on it to help fight off corrosion .