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Shakespeare Reels History and Origin 2


Bob Clifton:
A short History for now on the Shakespeare Reels . Their Origin and some History .

First known as William Shakespeare Reels were made by one of the earliest U.S.  Fishing Reel  companies  and was founded by William Shakespeare, Jr. in 1897     

Not kin to William Shakespeare ,(The Renown English Writer) as   that family line came to an end with the death of his grand-daughter Elizabeth in 1670.

Shakespeare Co. made Quality Reels for many Years BUT as MOST if not ALL of the old line Reel Makers  was sold out  to  another conglomerate and went to ANTHONY INDUSTRIES which was Finalized   in 1980 which changed their name in the 90's to K-2 and more on this below 

Shakespeare made GOBS of other things as in Fishing Rods ,Automotive stuff and more .
  That History  can be found in the  NEWEST Companies Acquisition Business directory


Reel models and years of production to follow soon .


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