Author Topic: Ever Notice the Rivet on your old Zebco Reels???  (Read 463 times)

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Ever Notice the Rivet on your old Zebco Reels???
« on: November 23, 2020, 07:27:21 AM »
Was cleaning some of my Zero Hour Bomb Company Standards back a few years ago (2005) and discovered that the  Red Spinner I was cleaning up had the Rivet holding the foot  inside the case was protruding  more than the others I had messed with .
I t looked like there was something written on it in the light I had never noticed before .
A number  vaguely visible to my old eyes so I got out my magnifier and low and behold it was a #5 still visible through the filing .
This made me curious so I took three other Reels ,2 Tans and another Red spinner all having the identical 5 visible with some magnifying .
I believe this is the Size of the rivet used in the day .

I know of some that have this Rivet in Upside Down along with some other Distinctive Differences and word is that 25 of these were made on the First Day of Manufacturing???

The person whom has all the old Zebco Records and parts of yesteryear may be able to find the Manufacture or Supplier of the Rivets to The Zero Hour Bomb Company back in the day and verify this or even better find some of the actual Rivets???
Pix to follow soon.