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« on: November 12, 2021, 05:30:14 PM »
                                                 INSTANT FISHERMAN

THIS TURD came out apparently about 20 years after the Poppeils Pocket Fisherman and got these items patented.

United States Patent    5,444,934
LaTouche    August 29, 1995
**Please see images for: ( Certificate of Correction ) **
Introduction and description of the prior art


A collapsible fishing rig is disclosed with an internal reel that can be removed and replaced without tools to accommodate either left or right handed users; an external clamp for attachment of an external reel; retractable storage for single-piece or telescoping rod; an extension handle for extra leverage; and a peg for snow or ice or ground attachment for "hands-free" fishing. The extension and rod-storage section fold towards the main body, and the resulting unit is compact enough to hang from a belt or backpack or be placed in a suitcase; an additional carry-case is provided that can accommodate the collapsed rig and also has pockets to hold extra rods and lures and the like.
Inventors:    LaTouche; Desmond J. (Kingsville, Ontario, CA)
Family ID:    22604424
Appl. No.:    08/166,716
Filed:    December 14, 1993

Current U.S. Class:    43/18.1CT; 43/21.2
Current CPC Class:    A01K 87/00 (20130101)
Current International Class:    A01K 87/00 (20060101); A01K 087/00 ()
Field of Search:    ;43/18.1,18.5,21.2,22

Here is the link to the Patent info

This is How I bought it .(Note the Button is where it is suppose to be .

This is How I Got it box was Not Damaged !
so the Guy had to have broken it before he shipped it to me.

So I tore it open to find what a REEL TURD this thing is as the only thing holding that button in place was a little tang that simply broke off if you pushed very hard on the Release Button .
You can see in the right hand side where it use to be .

So I started a Repair
by taking an old 110 plug end and cutting out the tangs to make some retainers to hold the button in place .

After a few hours of tweaking I thought I had it licked but the button would not come all the way up and I had to reposition those tangs to the outer edges of the horseshoe retaining piece and she worky Fine  now .
10 dollar Reel now worth at LEAST 5 Bux  !

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