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Daiwa Sealine 600 H
« on: October 23, 2021, 10:08:26 PM »
Got this at an Auction just the other Day  . ( Thank you John Elder for letting this Puppy go )

Nice Reel but needed Cleaning and of course I had to tear into it to see what it was .
Found a Hell of a Gear System and all Stainless /Brass goodies inside .
A quarter bounces around inside the Main Gear and the Drags are Very Thick and Carbon type with very thick Steels as well .
They were assembled  Dry and looked as though had never seen  much use .
Found  some hardened Grease on the Gears and under the Bridge along with some sand and grit otherwise pretty Clean over all . The Frame  and side plates are Aluminum as well as the Foot which is held in by extra Long screws .
Spool is Aluminum as well .
Both side plates have Ball Bearings which are peened in place on this version. These were in excellent shape so I just added some TS1 oil to them .

Look at the size of the Main Gear ! Quite a bit larger and thicker than Penns 6/0
You can stick a Quarter in it with Room to Spare.

note the Heavy Hardened Grease from Factory

All the Goodies spread out for cleaning

Note the Sludge in the bottom of the Sleeve.

In the Basket and to the Cleaner

I soaked all the hard parts except the Frame and Bearings overnight in my Carburetor  Cleaner

Then Use Brake Cleaner on the Drags and sanded them and they came out like New
I hand polished the Brass bits and SS pieces .
Just Hot Soapy Water on the Frame (Note it is Raw Aluminum and not Anodized like the Side Plates and I have not seen another like this .) Probably a million of em out there ,I just ain't seen any.

All Nice and CLEAN READY to Reassemble

Cal's on the Drag Carbon Disks and Metal Washers . There was nothing on them before .
Didn't use a Gob just light coating on both sides of all of them .

Cleaned the Threads on the Frame and put Grease in there to help reduce Corrosion as well as on the Screw Ends before installing those as well .

Liberal Amount of Special wheel Bearing Grease on the Gears .
 I use this  on My Cars . It is High Heat Resistant and Viscosity is Good down to 20  where it gets a little stiff and it just Never Hardens up like most all other stuff.

And Back Together Ready to Go Fishing.

All in all this is a Very Strong Reel and I think will be around for a long Time .
Not sure when Daiwa produced this but THINK it was around 2009 and don't think they are made anymore plus don't see a lot of Parts for them available on any of the parts sites but from what I see  if you take a little care there is not much to go wrong on these Bad Boyz except maybe Drag Washers .

***  Incidentally   ,this Reel weighs Less than a Penn 6/0 .
Penn is in at just over 3 pounds and this Diawa 6/0 is just under 3 pounds .

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Re: Daiwa Sealine 600 H
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2021, 01:15:24 AM »
Sharkb8 over on posted this info from a1986 Catalog showing the Black anodized 600H as 1979

Then Porthos mentioned the softer Aluminum NON ANODIZED was before that putting it around 1976.
So this Reel is probably 45 Years old and from the looks of it shows it will easily go on another 45 !