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Why this site ?
« on: November 14, 2020, 09:26:06 AM »
Why this site you ask.
 Like the man said that jumped into a cactus patch Buck Naked.......
It looked like the thing to do at the time!

So here it is for what it is  and that's all that it is .

 There is a lot to be said about the forgotten old reels that you had growing up or your Mom and Dad, Grandparents, or Great Grandparents or even Great Great Grandparents had and used and passed down over the years or got stored somewhere in an old tackle box or closet or put out in a garage sale .

 That is what I want to bring out here .
To get younger Generations interested in the   old 2 -7 dollar Reels of yesteryear ( 20's -60's ) built like a brick crap house to last forever .You have to realize 2 bux in the 20's and thirty's was a Bunch  of Dough for your average guy or gal .
  Granted there exists a lot of Fishing Gear sites and not to take anything away from them or their purpose but  it seems they have too many   opinionated aficionados that want you to use a search button or not answer at all about your Queries  on your particular Reels unless it is something they want for themselves or some other selfish reason .
  I don't want that here so ask away and if I can or someone else coming in can  help we certainly will .
 This started out as a place I put pix ,info ,files and links to use in other forums that their software did not want to facilitate my attachment extensions or configurations by size limits .
Join up and ask questions if you have them and I  or someone will try and accommodate.
 No Charge here as I pay for all  of this with  the Huge Profits I make buying Reels for 20 bux and then spend numerous hours  restoring them and selling them at a Huge Loss  !
 More boards and info coming as time allows



 You will have access to MORE when you Register .

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