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Old Hard Rubber WILSON 250yd Free Spool


Wompus Cat:
Got this ol Turd off E- Bay for an Exorbitant $3.77 plus $12.88 Shipping  and was taking it apart or so I thought .....
It appears to be German Silver ,Hard Rubber Side Plates . Has the unique old fashion Lever that Moves the main Gear away from the Pinion for Free Spool.
Everything was going well till I tried to remove the Handle from the Sleeve .
It is not squared as most are where you can just remove the nut and pry it off but sits Flat on the round shaft and will not BUDGE.
So I am thinking MAYBE it is cleverly threaded left hand on the bottom threads and bottoms out before it hits the side plate but have not been successful in making anything happen .

Only two screws  on Handle side at the bottom to Foot the rest are pillars screwed in from the other side

Handle is Firmly attached to the Gear Sleeve and won't budge in or out ,back or forth ,nadda!
Wonder if it is threaded on . May to need to Heat it some how ,Def going to soak it in Penetrate.

I called Dr. Elder of ORCA Fame and discussed a bit about whether he had encountered a Reel of old that might be Left Hand Thread below  the outside Nut or if he thought this was Right Thread all the way and a few techniques of persuading
this to move in any direction.......

I tried penetrate ,Heat , VOO - DOO,WISHFUL, THINKING, TELEKINESIS then some good ol common sense and EUREKA!!

I   tightened the Free Spool Mechanism  to where it would not move in the locked position then reassembled this ol Dog
and adjusted a Vise Grip around the tightened old Braid on the Spool . Then whilst holding the Reel and Vise Grips  in one hand I used a Plastic Dead Blow to tap the Handle in both directions a bit  and then was ale to loosen the handle with a bit of effort in the counter clockwise direction and got the Handle off . 

Thanks John for your input.


Now to see what it is and clean it up .

Well I started the Cleaning and Polishing and found some interesting things in further tear down after removing the old Braid I found that he spool has Splines and the outer edges are Grooved maybe to keep the line from going in too far . It is light weight and appears to be German Silver ?

The end bearings are held in place by an additional Nut instead just the Cap

Better picture of the Grooved/Beveled Spool

Lookin better all the Time with Years of Tarnish removed

Foot came out pretty Good!

Made a Makeshift Knob  .Bet it was a Round Wooden one originally

Now to Find who ,where , and when this old Gem was made ?


Wompus Cat:
The logo  WILSON on Foot is exactly like the Wilson Sporting Goods Script on all their stuff .It was mentioned by Ted (Maxed Out) it might be a Trade Reel and I pretty much agree but WHOSE ????
It has an OCEAN CITY shape handle but Montague had one similar too . Ocean City Made a Reel Called the BRIGANTINE that was stamped on the Foot and it has similar characteristics of this one like the Frre Spool Mechanism  .The Groove marks on the Spool shaft are similar to some other old non  drag no A/R Non FREE SPOOLS unmarked reels I have .
Gona do some more diggin.  ::)

Really excellent job of cleanup on that old Wilson, Henry!

You know your stuff!

Best, Fred

Wompus Cat:
Thanks Fred . T!hat means a lot coming from you !
I am trying to find some old Magazine ads about this one . Midway Tommy said that Wilson changed to this Cursive logo in  the 30's .


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