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OCEAN KING (You Heard Right KING not CITY)
« on: March 11, 2022, 06:34:35 PM »

For Original post  where all this started Click Here

Here is the OCEAN KING REEL before Ocean City ,Penn ,Pflueger,Bronson,Shakies Spear  and GOBS of others.
You can see where most all the other Reel makers got their GUTS so to speak.
 Here it is the way I got it in a bunch of old Reels


Whilst tearing into it some things looked familiar

Threaded Handle to Bridge,Bridgeplate works Gears and Spool all looked familiar

A little cleaning

Got this info  off Ron Gast's site searching for an OCEAN KING reel I bought off e-bay with a bunch of other reels from  SELLER
surfwarriorcustoms and this info has solved the MYSTERY of my WILSON Reel as it is EXACTLY the Same reel . Making it a Trade Reel (the Wilson)

and judging from this info puts the OCEAN KING being manufctured in about 1911 and the First Reel to use the Patented CLICKER !!!!!!

Rochester Reel Company and H.J. Frost & Co. Fishing Reels - New York, NY

Rochester Reel Co reels were made from 1908 to about 1920. Harvey Carlton had changed his reel company's name from Carlton Mfg. Co. to Rochester Reel Co. in 1908. In 1910, the company was bought by the H.J. Frost & Co., but the company name was unchanged. H.J. Frost & Co.'s address was 90 Chambers St., New York and can be seen stamped on the bottom of the foot of Rochester Reel Co. reels. Rochester reels came in both 4 to 1 and 9 to 1 multipliers. The major difference is they now incorporated Quick-A-Part design features. The Rochester reels incorporate the patents of Andrew Wollensak of Rochester, NY. The Sept. 6, 1910 patent described a click and drag feature used on the casting reels. The Nov. 28, 1911 patent was incorporated on the "Ocean King" reels and was for a click engaged by rotating the rear cover plate. Frost trade mark names "Kelso" and "Sturdi-Bilt" can be seen on some of these reels.
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