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« on: June 26, 2021, 05:59:40 AM »
First off . This is a Hell of a Name for a Reel Company ain't it ?
I had never heard of this company but have communicated with them and found out they have been in business since
1998 !

Recently on alantani's  site(  a fellow Member (PackRat)started a thread on this
EATMYTACKLE   H346 Conventional Star Drag Reel which boasts of a UNIQUE TRIPPLE THRUSTER DRAG SYSTEM and after looking at his pix and thoughts on it I as well as a few others bought one to see the REEL DEAL Hands On 411 on it and found some interesting features and little things to improve on  .

The following is what I found by disassembling My BRAND NEW ONE right  out of the Box .

Here it is Together


Have it  torn down and found a Few Flaws as well as a Few ATTABOY's.
I see potential problems in future with the Plastic Frame and end plates however they are well reinforced with the Wide Bars and Metal ones plus has inner and outer Metal Rings to help as well but don't think they will fair well in prolonged sunlight over time ........

Has adjustable Bearing's in Both Side plates and Had to Tweak mine a bit to get rid of the spool rubbing on the Handle side which was making a clicking sound in Free Spool . Don't care for the plastic spacer for Drag adjustment.
The Free Spool Lever is too hard to move in my opinion an I am going to see if I can take some pressure off the springs and maybe lubricate the sliding metal pieces with a better Grease.
All of the  (Self Tapping Phillips Head screws  ) holding  the inner Rings  to the Frame were disturbingly LOOSE and some took 3 or 4  full turns to bottom out against the ring .
Nice Light Spool ,Nice Handle , Well made Gears.
Could have been Lubricated better.
Not sure about the Brake shoe disc combination drag system but it looks impressive.

Overall except for a small dent  in one of the outer Rings with the Box ,Schematic,Wrench,Custom Cover, FREE 80lb. Blueish Braid, and FREE Shipping  I think it is a pretty GOOD DEAL and Time will of course be the True Test in how this Frame and Drag Holds up for sure .

Frame Screws were loose  on Both Sides but was able to tighten and set properly
The Reel seemed to work Fine before I tore into it  but still......
And that was causing the Ticking noise before I adjusted the end play on the side plates.....

Gears and guts note the neat little Brake shoe Drag (do hickey )(Technical Term)

The Free Spool Lever is Hard to move 

I tweaked it a bit

I smoothed and polished the Rough Edges of the Clutch Slice #30 in the Schematic as they call it ......

Sharp edges filed down

Had also noticed that Drag would go from smooth to almost locked when turning Star so smoothed out Main Gear surfaces .

Put liberal amount of Grease on the plate and Free spool mechanism

I replaced the tension springs shown here with some smaller Stainless Steel springs approx the size you find in an Ink pen
The Factory ones were just too stiff in m opinion and was part of the reason the Free Spool lever was so hard to move.

Here is a closer look at the NEW DRAG system

PacRat posted the Foot and Rod Holder were METAL
So that's GOOD!

I was concerned that the Frame and side plates being plastic that the Reel might not be very strong .However after carefully looking at everything like the 2 Wide Crossbars,The Metal Foot with 3 Screws per side and the Top Metal Cross Bar you essentially have 8 Supports which overall makes it a pretty Sturdy Design.
After Tweaking this Reel a bit it is a smooth as Frogs Butt and I used a little Cal's Drag Grease on the polished Main Gear Surfaces and Inside and Bottom  Carbon Disc to acquire a Very Smooth Drag operation throughout the Range of adjustment followed with Re-tensioning the Free Spool Lever Spring and saddle Springs, Filing the Rough Edges of the Stamped piece, placing  couple of Drops of TSI oil  in end bearings the she spins  seemingly forever in Free Spool now (It spun nicely right out of the Box though too!
The Company had a Fathers Day Special with a good discount along with an additional 10 dollars off to join the mailing list accompanied with FREE SHIPPING and FREE SPOOLED line of your choice from their selection along with a Wrench ,Nice custom Fit Pouch, Schematic, and Clever  Eye Catching Packaging I would give this Reel an 7.5(and that is low because of the Loose Screws I found on the inner Rings if not for that an 8.5 ) right out of the Box and with the Tweaks it is a Full 10 and a GOOD VALUE in my opinion.
Now to fish it a while and see how it holds up .

More to follow

MORE Today June 30th 2021

 Rowdy at alantani posted the fact that the Reel Foot on these is considerably WIDER and won't Fit on a Regular Surf Rod or Casting Rod .
I had noticed that but thought nothing of it as I just happened to have a  1960's DAIWA 3229 10 Ft Casting Rod and the Reel fit right on it and the Slide Rings covered FINE.
However after reading Rowdy's post I Measured the width of a Standard Sliding Ring to be @ .58in/14.8mm and the Daiwa 3229 was .72in /18.3mm and on the Description on the EATMYTACKLE site it does elude to the Fact you need Sliding Rings however it should say you need WIDER SLIDING RINGS .
 You should use the ROD Clamp as well as the Foot on this reel is short.

Overview is

This Reel has a Short Wide Seat and is approx. 19mm or 3/4 inch and needs a Suitable Size Rod with a wider than
 14 mm 9/16ths Hood and I would recommend using the Rod Clamp that comes with the Reel.

I do not recommend to File this foot to try and make it fit other Rods .

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