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A Little Info on LUXOR REELS
« on: January 27, 2021, 02:06:42 PM »
LUXOR reels were designed by Paul Mauborgne.
He had them made under his supervision by a company called LLM.
LLM delivered the reels to Pezon et Michel that provided the boxes, did the marketing and distribution.
The NAME Luxor was owned by Pezon et Michel. The technical patents were owned by Mauborgne.

Pezon et Michel were bamboo rod makers and did not make Reels .

 The first version in 1940  was a half-bail with a Knurled handle knob, also with Manual pic up was Marked "LUXOR SAUMON MER PEZON ET MICHELL MADE IN FRANCE"
 The second version was produced in 1949  with a full bail  and were marked "LICENSE P MAUBORGNE"
also available in manual p/u version and sold as  a Surfcasting Reel

 The third version  which was produced  in 1954  Came with  a Handle that could  be folded, and was also available in  a manual Pick Up version and sold as   Surfcasting Reel. Not sure of the markings

 The fourth version  was made in  1955 - till ? Had a Different Anti-Revrsing  Knob, different handle, also MPU version first marked "A",

Fifth version from ? till 1959 marked "B"

Sixth ??  version from 1960 till 1967 now marked "C"

I have a few of these  Reels and don't even know what version they are and never thought much of them till lately
Have some still in the box and will dig them out and post some photos.

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